It is very easy. You can click here. We will contact you back for further help.

Yes, you can register for a online or offline consultation appointment but not for a treatment. Our team will revert to you for more details. The treatment will be only decided after a detailed consultation.

The treatment duration depends on the chronicity and severity of your conditions; generally treatment duration varies from 3 months to 12 months.

Not only symptom relieving, but also preventing from further aggravation of the condition, there by treating the disease to a great extend so that there is lesser chances of reoccurrence.

Yes definitely. Our treatment will address and control further spreading of Psoriasis on other body parts of your body.

Since decoding the root cause and correction of Psoriasis is an integral part of the treatment, there are very few chances to get the disease back post our treatment.

Not necessarily, but there are genetic links to getting Psoriasis. You can prevent Psoriasis by following a healthier lifestyle and staying away from triggering factors.

Not necessary, you can meet us up monthly once for the follow up assessments. Rest of the treatment you can do at home.

Yes, you will have to follow a set of dietary advises. There is equal importance given to diet and exercises clubbed with treatments will help you achieve the best results. If not too, you can expect good results but not the best results.

You will be treated with internal herbal medication and external applications. Based on the severity of your Psoriasis condition you may be advised Panchakarma line of treatment.